Wawatay Catering offers contemporary cuisine and traditional Algonquin food to please all your tastes...

Enjoy the sweet taste of fresh berries, maple syrup, seasonal vegetables and freshly baked bannock.

Inspired by Kokom's simple recipes, infused with modern cuisine and displayed amongst culturally inspired decor.
WAWATAY CATERING brings zing to your function.
Whether it's corporate or residential, lunch or dinner or a health break, WAWATAY CATERING can cater any size function or event from
15 to 200 people, or more.

WAWATAY CATERING can customize a catering package for your needs, specifications and budget.

*Wawatay: "Northern Lights" in the Algonquin language, means the colors of the spirits of our ancestors who continue to guide
us from the spirit world.

**Kokom: This is our word for "grandmother" in the Algonquin language.